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Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization

Grow your Shopify store via data analytics

Do you want to see more visitors performing actual actions on your Shopify store? Are you interested in seeing more sales and turning your visitors into buyers? 

The conversion rate optimization for Shopify service is designed to help you drive growth to your Shopify store by using data analytics. As a specialized data-driven Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) agency, we help Shopify ecommerce stores around the world optimize their conversion rates and increase their revenue. We’ll help you understand your shoppers and visitors, run performance-optimizing tests, build new store features, and leave all data challenges in the past. 

What is Shopify conversion optimization and why is it important

CRO is fundamentally about making sure your website or Shopify store traffic converts. A conversion could be anything from clicking a link to adding a product to your cart. Consider CRO to be the art of understanding what motivates, prevents, and influences your users in order to provide them with the greatest possible user experience. As a result, users are motivated and inspired to convert and buy your products. In the end, your website conversion rate is higher and your profits - bigger.

And why does all of this matter to you as a Shopify merchant? Higher conversion rates mean:

* You’re more competitive in your niche

* You’re making the most of your traffic and PPC ad spend 

* You’re successfully combating the increased costs of digital marketing 

* You can avoid the shortening consumer attention span problem

* Your Shopify store is fully optimized and it’s perceived as a legitimate and trustworthy business

Shopify store for more conversions

analytics data

Higher conversion rates can dramatically influence your Shopify store and turn it from a small, newbie e-seller into a well-known, reliable, and trustworthy place to shop. CRO helps you fully understand your customers in terms of who they are, what they want, and what triggers them to make a purchase. As a result, it is a safe path to getting more customers, rather than only attracting impressive numbers of visitors. Without a doubt, CRO can help you increase your website profits and can quickly turn into your secret weapon when used correctly. Enjoy lower customer acquisition costs, increased customer lifetime value, a boosted brand perception, and support and love from Google.

What the Shopify conversion optimization service is all about

If you’re wondering how to increase conversions on Shopify, the short answer is to understand your visitors. Our service will help you detect the drivers that attract people to your store, the things that make them leave, and the hooks that inspire them to convert. Here are some of the steps that we’ll take to solve the mystery of how to get more conversions on Shopify:

An initial analysis of your Shopify store

Before we can start, our specialists will analyze in detail the current condition of your Shopify store. We’ll quickly detect the priority areas that need urgent attention or need to be tested and validated. 

CRO strategy development

Once we’re fully familiar with your Shopify store and your goals, we’ll start designing a conversion rate optimization plan that will result in more purchases and more sales. We’ll help you create an appropriate and stable data infrastructure to collect useful metrics and make better decisions. We’ll ensure you’re able to track every user and get insights into their behaviour on your store. Learn more about what types of products they’re browsing, what they’ve bought, why they’ve left, and more through data analytics and KPI report development. 

A/B and multivariate testing

Running strategic CRO tests within your Shopify platform is key to understanding what works and what doesn’t. This could dramatically improve your decision making and help you find the perfect approach to increasing your profit. Via testing and validation, you’ll be confident that you’ve made the right choices and can rely on long-term results.

How you can benefit from working with us

analytics data analysis

Our experts can support you in growing your Shopify store and becoming a successful merchant. We’ll handle everything for you and leave the priority tasks and business decision-making in your hands. We can help you with:

* Running the full experimentation process and implementing testing functionality within your online store

* Creating your Shopify store from scratch, redesigning your existing store, migrating from other platforms, and updating your Shopify theme. 

* Setting up custom functionalities and customizations and improving site speed 

* Monitoring data analytics to make the best business decisions for your Shopify business

* Offering expert know-how and up to date information on ecommerce and CRO trends 

And more!

Make the first step

Stop asking yourself how to increase conversion rates on Shopify and simply make the first step. Get in touch with us and learn more about what we can offer or schedule a free consultation with us and supercharge your Shopify store today. Our experts will offer all the help that you need, be by your side, and guide you towards an enhanced Shopify experience as a merchant, improved business results, and happier clients. 

Case Study: Dogs' Landing

dog sitting

Learn how TheDogsLanding enhanced their user experience and boosted revenue, thanks to a custom CRO solution from Gloross Shopify experts.

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