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DogsLanding Conversion Rate Optimization & Web Development


DogsLanding Conversion Rate Optimization & Web Development

Project overview

Conversion Rate Optimization

DogsLanding is a Shopify store that faced some of the common optimization challenges that prevented users from experiencing a great customer journey and having the confidence to make a purchase. The client wanted to improve their user experience, boost their conversion rates, and enjoy more sales after we created their store initially. >

DogsLanding’s Story

DogsLanding is a Shopify store that designs and sells unique dog beds that offer the ultimate comfort for our furry friends. They’re dedicated to making dogs as happy as they deserve to be. Their products are not only targeted at improving dogs’ sleeping experience, but they’re also a stylish accessory to have in any home. For these reasons and more, they’re certainly something that any dog owner can benefit from.

The key challenges that the online store faced

Although the business idea behind DogsLanding and the business strategy is bulletproof and the products work wonders, the online store struggled with achieving their ultimate goals and faced a few fundamental and key challenges. Like most Shopify stores, DogsLanding wanted to enjoy more conversions, more sales, and higher profits. But three main things stood in their way:

  1. A significant number of potential buyers were dropping out during the checkout process after having added items to their shopping cart. This resulted in poor sales numbers and lost potential.
  2. The company had lost money in the past by offering free shipping on all purchases, regardless of the total order value. As a result, losses in shipping revenue were registered and AOV or Average Order Value was negatively impacted. The dilemma remained as to how to organize free shipping in order to remain competitive yet profitable.
  3. Buyers were abandoning carts with products once they realized that there is an extra charge for shipping.

What led DogsLanding to seek help from the experts

Overall, DogsLanding wanted to make sure their website excelled at communicating their unique product offerings, improving the user experience, and converting more visitors into buyers. They already had some experience with Shopify conversion rate optimization and had performed several tests on CRO tools in search of the right conversion rate optimization tactics. This analysis only made the gap between product marketing and results more vivid. Management was fully aware of the importance of A/B testing from the start and understood the science behind it.

The problems were detected but the solution remained a mystery. DogsLanding made the decision to look for a professional who can help with conversion rate optimization for Shopify.

And this is what led them to discover the services we offer at Gloross. They initially reached out to us for development and provided us with designs that we used to develop the website and create specific customisations and functionalities that were requested. The client also relied on us for Page Speed Optimization and fixing the Core Web Vitals metrics.

The solutions that we offered

We overcame the obstacles that were preventing DogsLanding from enjoying a high conversion rate on Shopify by providing a number of customised solutions. To stop buyers from dropping out during the checkout process, we built a progress bar within the checkout funnel to show users where they are in the purchase process. By being aware of the steps that they need to take, users are more confident about completing their purchase successfully.

The next challenge was related to free shipping. We helped by creating three test variations with $50, $70, and $90 as the total order threshold for free shipping. We wanted to see if these scenarios would turn out to be more profitable for the company than providing free shipping on all orders.

Finally, we tackled the problem related to abandoning carts after seeing an additional charge added for shipping. To solve this issue, we added a free shipping progress bar on the top of the cart page to show buyers how much more money they needed to spend in order to enjoy free shipping on their order. If the threshold is passed, the free shipping bonus is displayed. This is a great incentive that we used to motivate buyers to add more products to their shopping cart and complete their purchases.

Client onboarding

We worked with DogsLanding closely in testing, analyzing, and creating new solutions to solve the riddle of how to increase their conversion rate on Shopify. The implemented changes made no dramatic alterations to their existing systems or processes but were gentle modifications that made a real difference from a user perspective. The client was very supportive to provide us with all the necessary information and data, after which our experts handled the rest, putting theory into practice.

The results that were hard to ignore

Once our work was done, the results were quick to follow. Below are some of the most impressive results that we noticed after the optimizations on the DogsLanding store:

  • A conversion rate lift of 21% (from checkout page), a monthly Revenue Lift of $14,102, and an annual revenue lift of $169,037 from creating a progress bar for the checkout funnel.
  • A revenue boost of 16.25%, a monthly revenue lift of $20,250, and an annual revenue lift of $243,000 from solving the free shipping dilemma.
  • A conversion rate improvement of 6.2%, a monthly revenue lift of $10,200, and an annual revenue lift of $122,500 from installing a free shipping progress bar.
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