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340% Increase in Subscriptions: How Happy V Boosted Its Revenue

Imagine, you have awesome products that empower women to take control of their health. More importantly, your customers like it. They go on your website, click on the Buy button and then… abandon cart?

This is what happened to Happy V – a wellness company on a mission to provide scientifically-backed products and educational content to help women lead healthier lives. 

So the company reached out to us for advice. 

After the first year of our ongoing collaboration, the Happy V store enhanced its user experience, boosted its revenue and increased subscriptions.


Increase in Sales


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in the number of Subscriptions


Happy V - 340% Increase in Subscriptions


Happy V - 340% Increase in Subscriptions

Find out how we helped Happy V improve their store with a few optimizations.


The abandoned cart problem wasn’t the only challenge the company faced. Having a limited product catalog of four or five products can absolutely hinder sales, if your customers:

  • Have no interest in your products
  • Don’t know which product fits their needs

And when your products directly affect your customers’ health, they would need more incentives to trust your brand before they make a purchase.

Our approach

First, we had to understand how Happy V customers interacted with the website. So, we started with an in-depth conversion optimization rate (CRO) analysis to figure out where our focus should be.

Once we identified what prompted customers to abandon their purchase mid-checkout, we used the data to set goals for the project and build a few hypotheses we could test out.


The key was to make the brand messaging clearer and to create trust along the whole customer journey.

That’s why we concentrated on five main goals. To:

  • Categorize products in bundles that treat specific women’s health problems.
  • Help Happy V’s customers determine which product suits them most by optimizing product discovery
  • Improve customers’ lifetime value (LTV) and annual recurring revenue (ARR) through increase in subscriptions
  • Smooth the bumps along the customer journey path in order to reduce the checkout bounce rate.
  • Boost the average order value (AOV) by upselling products.

Hypotheses and Results

With the five goals in mind, we set out to assess which features and implementations would bring the best results. Here is what our tests proved:

  1. Adding a top-selling carousel on the Homepage will improve CRO

    If your product catalog is limited, make sure you let first-time visitors know what your signature product is.
    Thus, we suggested the implementation of a top-selling products carousel on Happy V’s homepage. The aim was to improve product discoverability and fix navigation issues.

    The result: a 12% lift in conversion rate and a 14% increase in revenue per session.

  2. Making the subscription box on the product page always visible will increase sales

    Burying purchase options under drop-down menus can badly hurt conversion and AOV because store visitors can easily miss selections they might like.

    In addition, Happy V showed customers the total price of their subscriptions instead of breaking down their pricing to display price per bottle. As a consequence, store visitors had no idea how much money they save should they opt for a subscription.

    When it comes to health, customers need to confirm they are making an informed decision. So we recommended adding an always visible subscription box on the product pages.

    The result: a 6% and 21% increase in conversion rate and subscription purchases, respectively.

  3. Introducing cross-sell and bundle options will boost AOV

    Building on the idea of ensuring customers they’re making the right choice, we also suggested the addition of cross-selling options and bundles on the product details page (PDP). This would allow for additional purchasing flexibility for those who may want to try out some of Happy V’s other products along with their main purchase.

    The result: a 11% rise in conversion rate and a 15% increase in revenue per session.

  4. Quizzing customers on their specific needs will help CRO

    Just like your products weren’t developed out of thin air, your storefront should accommodate customer expectations.

    Some of Happy V’s customers had no idea which products would be most beneficial for them. And while there are educational resources on the website, there is a better way to find out which products are most suitable for individual cases. Simply ask your customers.
    Thus, we recommended including a quiz section with product recommendations on the homepage.

    The result: a 5% boost in quiz link clicks and a 7% rise in conversion rate.

  5. Placing trust symbols on the Checkout page will create trust with customers

    Consistent reassurance is what makes a customer journey smooth. In Happy V’s case, there was a lot of empty space on the checkout page. This was the perfect place to add trust badges to prove the company’s commitment to their customers and lift brand confidence.

    The result: an 8% increase in conversion rate.