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Happy V - 340% Increase in Subscriptions


Happy V - 340% Increase in Subscriptions

Happy V enhanced their user experience, boosted revenue, and increased subscriptions thanks to the data-driven CRO, consulting and development by Gloross.

About Happy V

Happy V is a wellness company committed to creating scientifically-sound products and educational content to help women lead healthier and more empowered lives.

Happy V’s team of experts combined their years of experience in manufacturing, science, and healthcare to move the needle forward in women’s health.


Happy V has a limited product catalogue, around 4-5 products, which means that if a visitor is not interested in those products and if the messaging is not clear, the conversion rate would drop. Being a health supplement brand, increasing trust in the brand and products was a great challenge. Furthermore, they were seeing a lot of abandoned carts and checkouts.

Our Approach

  • Increase subscriptions instead of one-time purchases to improve LTV (lifetime value) and ARR (annual recurring revenue).
  • Bundle products which would address a particular problem in women's health.
  • Improve product discovery for people who are not sure which product to buy.
  • Reduce bounce rate from checkout.
  • Upsell products to improve AOV (average order value).

Top 5 A/B Split Tests

1: Top Selling Product Carousel | Home Page


Testing top selling product carousel on the homepage, to let visitors know what we аre known for. The majority of visitors on the homepage are new, the hypothesis is that it would help increase the conversion rate by making product discoverability easier.


Conversion Rate Lift: 12%
Revenue per session Lift: 14%


2: Always Visible Subscription Box Instead of Drop Down | Product Page


Quarterly subscription and one-time purchase options are hidden under the drop-down. It hurts conversion and AOV as people can miss those options. Secondly, subscription options show the total price instead of per bottle, hence visitors can assume subscriptions are expensive. Change the price to per bottle and show total saving.

The idea is to make those options always visible and change the price to per bottle so people can make informed decisions about how much they’re saving. This should increase AOV and Conversion rate.


Conversion Rate Lift: 6%
Subscriptions Purchase Lift: 21%


3: Cross Sell Products Through Bundles | Product Page


There were no cross-sell or bundle options on the PDP (product detail page), adding cross-sell product as a bundle just above ATC (add-to-cart) button will increase AOV and revenue per session.


Conversion Rate Lift: 11%
Revenue per Session Lift: 15%


4: Take the Quiz Section with Product Recommendation | Home Page


Product discovery is a big challengebecause visitors don't know what sort of health issues they might have and if the product would be fit for them. 

Test adding a quiz section on the homepage which would allow visitors to answer specific questions about them and would recommend which product is best based on their answers. This would also allow us to understand our audience and gather emails.


Conversion Rate Lift: 7%
Quiz Click Lift: 5%


5: Add Trust Badges | Checkout Page


We have a lot of empty space on the checkout page which can be utilised for building trust. Adding trust badges on the checkout under subtotal would increase the confidence of users and improve the conversion rate.


Conversion Rate Lift: 8%

    The Results

    These are the actual total numbers for around 1 year of ongoing collaboration in addition to 340% Increase in the number of Subscriptions:


    Increase in Sales


    Increase in Conversion Rate

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