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Shopify Store Setup

We help businesses of all sizes and types to unlock the full potential of their eCommerce Shopify store, offer users the experience they’re looking for, and generate sales. With a vast pool of knowledge and years of experience, we can help you transform your online store completely.

shopify store development

Our professional Shopify store development services explained

No matter if you need a fresh new start and a store creation from scratch or you want to migrate your existing store to another platform, update a theme, or anything else - as an experienced Shopify website development company, we offer it all. We help clients from around the world create and improve their Shopify stores to help them sell more of the amazing products and services that they’ve put so much effort into creating. 

By learning more about your business, your target audience, and your objectives, we can help you stay ahead of the pack and manage a feature-packed, user-friendly, and scalable online store. The Shopify store setup service consists of a wide array of tasks that our developers can handle. 

Store building from scratch

Do you have an amazing business but no online store yet? We can help you with setting up a Shopify store with the right foundations to take your business on a successful journey. We’ll help you get started and will take care of all necessary configurations, letting you quickly and easily sell products and services to your customers. We offer tailor-made Shopify store development solutions that will take your eCommerce store to the next level in no time.

Existing store redesign

Is your current eCommerce store not performing as well as you expected? Perhaps it’s only a matter of a few design tweaks that our developers can take care of. We can use colors, Shopify payments, and different types of features and functionalities to redesign your website and make it look completely new and attractive for your target audience.

Store migration

Our web developers offer store migration and make the transition from any eCommerce store development platform to Shopify seamless, stress-free, and quick. We work fastly and efficiently, giving your business the opportunity to continue selling while we improve your online store experience and migrate your shop. 

Shopify theme development or update

Our redesign services include improving user experience by creating custom themes or using pre-made Shopify themes that suit your business and your audience. Our theme developers couple technical know-how with creativity to flawlessly customize Shopify stores. You can also count on our experts to set up premium themes and make all of your products to sell visible and lucrative for potential customers. With the right theme and proper adjustments, users will find it easy to navigate around your store and are likely to complete more purchases. For you, as a business, this translates into more sales and higher profits.

Why is Shopify store setup important for your business?

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If you’ve ever wondered about how to set up a Shopify store, let’s just say that it’s not a piece of pie for those with little or no experience. Creating your Shopify store is a process that goes through a range of different phases, all of which are equally important. To set up your online store, you’ll need to think about your store design, your website theme, product pages and product descriptions, how you will accept payments, and more. And getting one or a few of these wrong can cost you a lot of money and missed opportunities. 

Consumers today are so used to the online shopping experience that they know exactly what a good customer journey feels and looks like. Lacking the proper Shopify store setup could mean that your customers reach your store but never complete a purchase. Perhaps they find the information they’re looking for difficult to find, maybe the design is not appropriate, or perhaps the checkout process is difficult. 

By relying on professional and trusted developer companies for your Shopify store setup, you can avoid all of these negative consequences and turn your online store into a success story. 

How Shopify development services can make a difference

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Shopify development services provided by a specialist can help your business grow and increase your profits along the way. They can truly make a difference for your business. An online store can make or break your relationship with a potential customer. Ensuring that you’ve laid proper foundations, you have enhanced your user experience, and you’ve managed your website according to user expectations will make you stand out from the rest. 

Although you can handle some of these tasks solo, the reality is that Shopify development is an ongoing process and requires time, effort, and specific know-how. This is why the majority of businesses prefer to rely on a professional Shopify development company and focus on other priorities for their business.

What our Shopify development agency can bring to the table

Our team consists of experienced, dedicated, and qualified Shopify developers. We specialize specifically in Shopify store setup and development, which allows us to offer a catered and precise solution for every client. We can help you with anything from setting up a brand new store to migrating an existing online shop to a new platform. By partnering with us, you can enjoy some of the following benefits:

An agile approach

Our developers work quickly and efficiently. Our agile development approach allows us to guarantee zero downtime and quick solutions. We know that your business cannot wait.

Reliable coding

Although we use some of Shopify’s outstanding pre-made solutions, we also depend on custom work created by our skilled developers. You’ll receive zero-bug coding and solutions that work with no compromise.

Full-time support

Once we provide our service to a client, we never shut the door and move onto the next project. We provide post-service support and client assistance whenever necessary, to ensure that your Shopify store runs as smoothly as possible.

Detailed analysis

We leave nothing to chance. Before we make any decisions about your Shopify store, we’ll run detailed tests and analyses to detect any missing gaps or opportunities. Using business intelligence we’ll spot the areas for improvement and make the necessary changes. 

Global know-how

We work with clients from different parts of the world, which allows us to gain insights into different markets and observe what works best in certain niches. We’ll use our know-how to transform your Shopify store and open the doors to new money-making opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price for creating a brand new Shopify store?

Our prices vary across services and will never be the same for two different clients. This is because the creation of a Shopify store varies dramatically from client to client and is based on the type of business, the client’s requirements, and a set of influential factors. Once we have a better understanding of the scope of the project, the number of developers that we need to assign, and other details, we’ll be able to send you a precise offer and more information about our pricing model.

What type of store migrations can you provide?

We are able to perform any type of migration that you need. Some of the most popular store migrations that we work on include Magento and WordPress.

How long does it take to develop a Shopify store and make it live?

It depends. The amount of time necessary to complete a project all comes down to the complexity of the store, the type of service, the type of business, and other factors. Sometimes, it may take a week or two to set up a Shopify store, while in other cases, we may need months. It also depends on the amount of customization that the website will require. After understanding your needs and expectations, we can provide more information about the time that we are likely to need to complete your project. 

What happens if I need changes to my Shopify store once the service has been provided?

It’s not rare that once we’ve created a Shopify store or have completed a migration or redesign, the client needs a few minor changes to be made. This is not a problem and our developers will be available to support you and apply some minor adjustments to your store. 

How many developers will be working on my online store?

We can assign as many developers to a project as necessary in order to guarantee satisfactory results. We go through a process of careful planning before we allocate team members to a client and each professional has a designated role in the work process. 

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